What are my Child's Privacy Rights?

Can I Talk To My Child About What Happened Before the Interview?

NO, not unless your child brings up the subject and wants to talk about it.

* Listen to your child without commenting or questioning.
* Do not coach or pressure your child to talk about what happened.
* Be sure to reassure your child that he/she will be alright.

If your child tells you something that upsets you, contact CFAC for help.
What Do I Tell My Child

It is okay to tell your child they are coming to CFAC. You might say. "We are going to a place where kids go to talk. The person you will talk to talks to many kids about what has happened to them. It is important to tell the truth. They need to know everything you can remember so we can make sure you are say.
Can I Watch the Interview?

NO Only the team of professionals directly involved with the investigation are allowed to observe the interview. This is done to reduce stress on your child and provide a neutral setting for the child and the investigation. Before and after the interview, you will have a chance to meet with the interviewer to discuss question or concerns you have. During the interview, a team member will be available to answer questions or give you information. Teh team member can help make referrals for your child and offer you support.
What Happens After the Interview?

After the interview you will have a chance to talk to the interviewer(s) who will tell you, in general terms, what they learned from your child. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns you may have. A CFAC team member will help you with additional services for your child, such as scheduling a medical exam or counseling. When the investigators finish their investigation, they may send a report to the State's Attorney's office. If the State's Attorney decides to prosecute the case, your child may have to go to court and testify. A Victim Advocate will help you and your child with the legal process.

Report Suspected Abuse

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