Brief History of The CAC

In 1985 in Huntsville, Alabama the very first Child Advocacy Center was established. Before the CAC, a child was interviewed repeatedly by many professionals. With the CAC model all that has changed.

The amount of times the child must disclose the abuse is significantly decreased, sparing the child from re-traumatization.

See Robin’s before and after CAC’s story.


Child Advocacy Centers Make a Difference

Researchers at the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire released findings from the five-year multi-site national evaluation of the CAC model.  Data from over 1,000 cases of sexual abuse handled by communities with and without a CAC collected and subject to comparison analysis highlights:

CAC's showed significantly more evidence of coordinated investigations;

More children received a specialized medical evaluation;

More children were referred to mental health services;

Parents and caregivers of the children served by CAC's were more satisfied with the investigation.

Child Advocacy Center’s Save Money

A recent national cost-benefit analysis of the CAC model shows that CAC's save approximately $1,000 per case in services to children and families during the course of an investigation.


CAC offers children and their families:

· Investigation

· Multi-agency support system

· Protection

· Education

· Hope and Healing

Report Suspected Abuse

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