Wish List

Wish List

* DVD=R with cases
* Crossword puzzle books and children’s puzzles
* Children’s books, children’s and adult’s magazines
* Coloring books, markers, drawing paper
* Books, magazines, and items for teens (colognes, deodorants, personal items, etc.)
* Individual juice drinks, canned soft drinks, individual bottled water
* Cookies, cereal bars, crackers, chips, snacks
* Copy paper (white and colors)
* General office supplies
* Trash bags, paper towels, bathroom tissue
* Dolls, puppets, any item for children ages 2 – 18

Get Involved!

* Assist with or volunteer at various fund-raising activities
* Sponsor a fund-raiser

* Assist with public awareness activities – staff booths at health fairs, etc.

*  Become a Board member

* Painters, upholsterers, carpenters

Financial Donations:

* Your donations are 100% tax deductible.
* Our tax ID number is: 05-0516792

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