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What We Do at CFAC

At the Child First Advocacy Center we use the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) model based approach. This approach is a child-focused, collaborative through which a response to child abuse is coordinated. The CAC model consists of professionals and agencies needed to offer comprehensive services to victims and their families. The services that are available and necessary to handle a report of child abuse often include:

· Trained & experienced interviewers

· Medical professionals

· Child protective services

· Mental health professionals

· Law enforcement

· Victim advocacy, and

· Prosecution, if applicable

We help you communicate with all the professionals involved in the case and provide support and information your family will need. Using this approach limits the number of times and the number of people the victim will have to talk to about the abuse. We are trained to talk to kids about difficult subjects. We are here to help you determine what has or has not happened to your child, and protect them from further abuse. Our services are available to both victims and the non-offending family members.

Who We Are

Wendy Loomis, Executive Director

Laurie Bland, Department of Children and Family Services

Detective Andy Todd, Vermont State Police Department

Detective Ed Dumas, Rutland Town Police Department

Detective Daniel Meytin, Rutland City Police Department

Aleiss Greene, Family Advocate & Community Outreach Coordinator


Board of Directors:

Dean Mooney PhD.,NCSP, (President)  Maple Leaf Clinic

Deb Hathaway (Vice-President) The Tapestry Program

Stacy Oxley RN (Secretary) Rutland Regional Medical Center

Allison Adams, MD, Community Health Center (CHCRR), Pediatrics

Dave LaChance, Rutland City Police Department

Mike Notte, Vermont State Police

Rose Kennedy, Rutland County State Attorney

Larry Reed, Supervisor, Department of Children and Families

Kristen Casella, Mental Health Clinician

Marty Zipf, Retired Rutland City Schools

Jen Giancola, Community member

Tammy Heffernan, Community member

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