Who Sexually Abuses Children?

In 90% of child abuse cases, the child knows and trusts the person who commits the abuse. It is difficult to face the fact that someone we know-and even trust or love- might be a sexual abuser.

Sexual abusers are

* Parents
* Step-parents
* Grandparents
* Other Family Members
* Neighbors
* babysitters
* ministers
* teachers
* coaches
* Others with close child contact

Nationally, Sexual abuse happens everywhere and at all times. Consequently, adults and teenagers who have abused a child may live in the same neighborhood you do, shop in the same stores or attend the same schools as your children. We may know them personally or as an extended member of our community or family. But we may not know about their sexual activities around children.
Unfortunately, contrary to popualar media images, you can not identify a child sexual abuser by how they look. What child abusers have in common is that they thought about sex or sexual gratification with a child and then acted on those thoughts by sexually abusing a child

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