What Happens Here?

What Happens At Child First Advocacy Center?

The Child First Advocacy Center (CFAC) is a child-friendly setting that coordinates services for children who may have been abused. The process involves a team of professionals from several agencies, including law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, advocacy and medical providers. Your child will come to CFAC for an interview.
Our goals are to:

* Do our best to find out what happened
* Make the process as comfortable as possible for your child
* Help your family begin to heal.
* Work in cooperation with other services to help you and your child

Who Will My Child Talk To at CFAC?

Your child will talk privately to an interviewer. There may be a second interviewer present or observing the interview. The person your child talks to is trained to talk to kids about difficult subjects. The interviewer's job is to make you child as comfortable as possible while gathering information for an investigation. The interviewer moves at a pace that is comfortable for your child. We recognize that talking abut abuse if very difficult for a child. Your child may be willing to talk about it on one day but not another. We do not pressure children to talk. The interview will be recorded. We record your child's interview to reduce the number of times your child will have to talk about what happened. This does not mean that your child will never have to repeat what they tell the interviewer.

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