I Need Help

I have a suspicision...

You are probably reading this because you suspect a child, very possibly your own child, or a grandchild, niece, nephew, student, neighbor is in harm's way.  Make the phone call, Ask for help, Ask for advice.  Act on your suspicions, suspicions are scary but trust your instincts.  Have the courage to report the suspected abuse.  Very few reported incidents are false.  Believe the child, believe your instincts.

Signs of abuse are not always obvious.  Signs are often there but you need to spot them.  Learn the signs.  Physical signs of sexual abuse are not commn, but emotional or behavioral signals are more common.  Some signs of abuse may inlcude:

  • An explanation from a child about injury that doesn't make sense.
  • Sexual behavior and language that are not age appropriate
  • A child appears anxious or avoidant about questions
  • A child who is anxious or fearful of adults
  • A child who is afraid of punishment or being "in trouble"
  • A child acts out sexually
  • A child develops a veneral disease or infections
  • A child has frequent fears, anxieties, nightmares
  • Adolescents may run away, commit crimes, abuse drugs and alcohol
  • Adolescents become withdrawn and depressed
  • Adolescents are self-injurious or suicidal


Anyone can report suspected abuse.

Call 1-800-649-5285.  If a child is in immediate danger call 9-1-1 or your local police first.

Then call the 800# above to report it to the Department for Children and Families.

What happens when I call?

A social worker will:

  1. Ask you questions about your concerns;
  2. Ask for any details you know about the child (e.g. child's name, age, address, parents' names etc.);
  3. Record the information you provide;
  4. Ask you to complete a written report;
  5. In some cases, ask you to gather more information.

What if I'm not sure whether what I suspect is abuse?

Please call us for advice.  You may also want to seek our adivce if you are thinking about telling the parents that you made a report.  In some cases, this could endanger the child and hinder any subsequent intervention.

What happens to reports?

A supervisor evaluates each report to decide whether to accept it for intervention.

Report Suspected Abuse

Call At ANY Time